Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) is a non-profitable, non-political and secular organization established in Seattle, Washington on March 14, 1999. NSS has been officially registered in the State of Washington on October 6, 2000 and is recognized as an Organization described in the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

NSSís primary goals are to promote and preserve Nepali culture, traditions and heritage, strengthen mutual cooperation among Nepalese and foster friendship with friends of Nepal. NSS has been organizing various Nepali cultural activities during Nepali New Year in April, Dashain/Tihar in October/November, annual fundraisers and sport activities in the winter, and summer picnic gathering. NSS also has been participating in many other events organized by local international communities around Seattle and Washington State.

Now, we are in the process of membership enrollment. NSS heartily welcomes all Nepali and friends of Nepal to join our General Membership.

Here is a link to our Constitution.

Officials for the year 2009 - 2011

Board Of Directors:
Mr. Darshan Rauniyar
Mr. Dhan Pun
Mr. Kobid Dahal
Mr. Nawang Sherpa
Mr. Niraj Thapa
Ms. Pradeepta Upadhyay
Mr. Prasoon Khanal
Ms. Ruby Shrestha
Mr. Yadav Bhattarai

Advisory Board:
To be nominated

Executive Committee:
President: Mr. Shree Ram Dahal
Vice President: Mr. Sampurna Prajapati
General Secretary: Mr. Kiran Shrestha
Treasurer: Mrs. Bandana Shrestha
Member: Mr. Bishwo Sigdel
Member: Mrs. Kalpana Sharma
Member: Mr. Krish Rizal
Member: Mrs. Mingma T. Sherpa
Member: Mr. Pasang Gyalzen Sherpa
Member: Mr. Prakash Dhamala
Member: Mr. Puspa Man Shrestha

Officials for the year 2007 - 2009

Board Of Directors:
Mr. Krishna Gurung,
     Former BOD
Ms. Sita Gurung,
     Former President
Dr. Mukund Upadhyaya,
Mr. Rajendra Nath Agrawaal,
     NSS Member/Sponsor
Ms. Monica Shrestha,
     NSS Member
Mr. Niraj Thapa,
     NSS Member
Mr. Chhatra Karki,
     NSS Member

Advisory Board:

Mr. Nabin Khanal
Mr. Atul Regmi
Ms. Lily Laemmle
Mr. Bijit Giri
Mr. Chhong Karma Sherpa
Mr. Mohan Gurung
Mr. Sabin Pradhan
Mr. Ang Babu Sherpa
Mr. Jeetendra Shrestha
Mr. Mukunda Adhikari
Ms. Anna Hauksdottir
Mr. Dashrath Budathoki
Mr. Bom Sing Ranabhat
Mr. Som Ghimire
Ms. Shova Rana

Life Members:
Click here to view NSS's Life Long Members...

Executive Committee:
President- Dhan Pun
Vice President - Shree Ram Dahal
General Secretary - Shanti Thapa
Treasurer- Nishma Shrestha
Member- Sampurna Prajapati
Member- Tsering Doka Sherpa
Member- Kiran Shrestha
Member- Tek Narayan Shrestha
Member- Bandana Shrestha
Member- Diwakar Thapa
Member- Bishwo Sigdel

01. Event Planning/Management
02. Community Outreach, 
     Communication and
     Public Relation
03. Cultural Affairs
04. Youth Initiatives
05. Fundraisings
06. Sports Activities
07. Women's Affairs
08. Children's Activities
09. Publication/News/Media
10. Nepali Language Project
11. Legal and Educational Forum
12. Web/Technology Development

Sub-committees & project details will be published shortly...

General Members:
* Click here to View NSS's General Members List (Subscribed/Renewed By June 18th 2009)...

* Click here to View Voters List For NSS General Election 2009 (Subscribed/Renewed By April 30th 2009)...

Officials for the year 2005 - 2007

Board Of Directors:
Mr. Atul Regmi
Ms. Lily Laemmle
Mr. Krishna Gurung
Mr. Nabin Khanal
Ms. Kripa Upadhyaya
Mr. Madhu Dahal
Mr. Tsering Lama

Mr. Bijit Giri
Mr. Chhong Karma Sherpa
Mr. Mohan Gurung
Mr. Anna Hauksdottir
Mr. Shree Ram Dahal

Executive Committee:
President- Sita Gurung
Vice President- Madan Shrestha
General Secretary - Dhan Pun
Treasurer- Shanti Thapa
Member- Dewakar Thapa
Member- Sova Rana
Member- Hum B.K.
Member- Jangbu Sherpa
Member- Sunil Joshi
Member- Kiran Shrestha
Member- Som Ghimire

Officials for the year 2003 - 2005

Board Of Directors:
Bijit Giri
Karma Sherpa
Lily Laemmle
Shree Ram Dahal
Tirtha Khanal
Atul Regmi
Nil Bahadur Tilija

Executive Committee:
President- Ravi Rana
Vice President- Sita Gurung
General Secretary- Dhan Pun
General Secretary- Ang C. Sherpa (2003-2004)
Treasurer- Sachin Pradhan
Member- Sampurna Prajapati
Member- Madhu Dahal
Member- Shanti Thapa
Member- Anna Hauksdottir
Member- Madan Shrestha

Officials for the year 2001-2003
Board Of Directors:
Bijit Giri 
Dr. Mukund Upadhyaya 
Dr. Nawang Karsang Sherpa
Narayan Khadka
Krishna Gurung 
Executive Committee:
President- Tirtha Khanal 
Vice President- Sangeeta Ranjit 
General Secretary - Nabin Khanal  
Treasurer- Samir Pyakurel
Member- Sita Gurung
Member-Tshering Lama
Member- Shree Ram Dahal
Member- Lopsang Sherpa
Member- Nima Sherpa
Ad-hoc Committee (Reformed: July 30, 2000)

Dr. Mukund Upadhya (President)
Narayan Khadka
Sudha Bogati
Dr. Krishna Awal
Pasang B. Sherpa
Krishna Gurung
Ang  Tsering Sherpa
Prabhat Rimal
Nabin Khanal
Sangeeta Ranjit

Ad-hoc Committee (Reformed: July 11, 1999)

Mohan Gurung (President)
Sudha Bogati
Dr. Mukund Upadhya
Dr. Krishna Awal
Dechen Lama Luna
Narayan Krishna Joshi
Narayan Khadka
Pasang B. Sherpa
Krishna Gurung
Ang  Tsering Sherpa
Prabhat Rimal

Ad-hoc Committee (Formed: May 14th 1999)

President - Mohan Gurung,
Secretary- Krishna Gurung,
Treasurer- Pasang B. Sherpa,
Member-  Karma Sherpa,
Member-  Sita Gurung,
Member-  Dr. Nawang K. Sherpa,
Member-  Lopsang Sherpa,
Member-  Prabhat Rimal,
Member-  Tashi Tenzing,
Member-  Mingmar Sherpa

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