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Ms. Kripa Upadhyay is a former member of the Board of Directors and is a current active member of Nepal Seattle Society (NSS). She is an attorney in Seattle practicing all areas of Immigration Law and Criminal Defense and can be contacted via the following information:

Kripa Upadhyay
Carney & Marchi, P.S
108 S. Washington Street., Ste 406
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206-224-0909

  Affordable Health Care: Community Clinics:


  • Auburn Community Dental Clinic
    1 A St NW
    Auburn, WA 98001
    Phone: 253-804-8713
  • Auburn Community Health Center
    126 Auburn Ave, Suite 300
    Auburn, WA 98002
    Phone: 253-735-0166
  • Auburn Public Health Center
    20 Auburn Ave
    Auburn, WA 98002
    Phone: 253-833-8400 / 253-833-6505


Bellevue / Redmond

Bothell / Northshore

  • Bothell-Kenmore Community Health Center
    6016 NE Bothell Way
    Bothell, WA 98028
    Phone: 425-486-0658
  • Northshore Public Health Center
    10808 NE 145th St
    Bothell, WA 98011
    Phone: 206-296-9814

Burien / White Center

Federal Way

  • Federal Way Community Health Center
    33431 13th Pl S
    Federal Way, WA 98003
    Phone: 253-874-7634
  • Federal Way Public Health Center
    33431 13th Pl S
    Federal Way, WA 98003
    Phone: 253-838-4557



  • Kent Community Health Center
    403 East Meeker St, Suite 100
    Kent, WA 98031
    Phone: (Dental) 253-796-4071

    403 East Meeker St, Suite 200
    Kent, WA 98031
    Phone: (Medical) 253-852-2866
  • Kent Teen Clinic
    613 West Gowe
    Kent, WA 98032
    Phone: 206-296-7450
  • Springwood Clinic
    13111 SE 274th Ct
    Kent, WA 98030
    Phone: 206-296-4930 or toll-free: 800-325-6165, ext. 64390



  • Renton Community Health Center
    200 S. 2nd St
    Renton, WA 98055
    Phone: 425-226-5536
  • Renton Public Health Center
    3001 NE 4th
    Renton, WA 98056
    Phone: 206-296-4700
  • Renton School-Linked Health Center
    275 Bronson Way NE
    Renton, WA 98056
    Phone: 425-254-2710
  • Renton Dental Clinic (Public Health)
    Valley Dental Center Building
    10700 SE 174th Street, Suite 101
    Renton, WA 98055
    Phone: 206-296-4955



  • 45th Street Clinic
    1629 N 45th
    Seattle, WA 98103
    Phone: 206-633-3350
  • Aradia Women's Health Center
    1300 Spring St.
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Phone: 206-323-9388
  • Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center
    2101 E Yesler
    Seattle, WA 98122
    Phone: 206-299-1900
  • Central Area Dental Clinic
    2101 E Yesler
    Seattle, WA 98122
    Phone: 206-461-7801
  • Columbia Public Health Center
    4400 37th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98118
    Phone: 206-296-4650
  • Country Doctor Community Clinic
    500 19th Ave E
    Seattle, WA 98122
    Phone: 206-299-1600
  • Downtown Public Health Center
    2124 4th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98121
    Phone: 206-296-4755
  • Georgetown Dental Clinic
    6200 13th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Phone: 206-461-6943
  • Greenwood Medical Clinic
    415 N. 85th St
    Seattle, WA 98103
    Phone: 206-782-8660
  • High Point Medical and Dental Clinic
    6020 35th Ave. SW
    Seattle, WA 98126
    Phone: 206-461-6950
  • Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic
    3815 S. Othello St, 2nd Floor
    Seattle, WA 98118
    Phone: 206-461-4948
  • International Community Health Services
    International District Site
    720 8th Avenue S, #100
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Phone: 206-461-3235
  • North Seattle Dental Clinic
    12339 Lake City Way
    Seattle, WA 98125
    Phone: 206-205-8580
  • North Seattle Public Health Center
    10501 Meridian Ave N
    Seattle, WA 98133
    Phone: 206-296-4990
  • Odessa Brown Children's Clinic
    2101 E Yesler
    Seattle, WA 98122
    Phone: 206-987-7200
  • Pike Market Clinic
    1930 Post Alley
    Seattle, WA 98101
    Phone: 206-728-4143
  • Pioneer Square Clinic
    206 3rd Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Phone: 206-521-1750
  • Rainier Park Medical Clinic
    4400 37th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98118
    Phone: 206-461-6957
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic
    Harborview Medical Center
    325 9th Ave,
    Ground Floor East Clinic Wing
    Seattle, WA 98104
    Phone: 206-731-4160
  • Sea-Mar Community Health Center
    8720 14th S
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Phone: 206-764-8763
  • Seattle Indian Health Board
    611 12th S
    Seattle, WA 98144
    Phone: 206-324-9360
  • Southeast Seattle Dental Clinic
    3800 S Myrtle
    Seattle, WA 98118
    Phone: 206-461-6981

For additional links to Health Care please see:

About the Washington Breast and Cervical Health Program

The Breast and Cervical Health Program (BCHP), funded by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and Washington State, provides free breast and cervical cancer screening for low-income women. The goals of the program are to:

  • increase early detection of breast and cervical cancer through regular mammogram and Pap test screening
  • increase preventive health knowledge and behaviors
  • facilitate access to health care and insurance

In Washington State, women who meet the following criteria are eligible:

  • Age 40 to 64 years and age 65+ if ineligible for Medicare
  • Household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty level
  • Uninsured or have insurance that doesn't cover the full cost of health check-ups or services like mammogram or Pap test

The program in King County targets women with the lower screening rates. Community outreach and education are provided by 19 community-based organizations who tailor messages to specific ethnic communities. Screening services are provided by 25 clinics, 16 radiology facilities and 3 laboratories.

Between July 1994 and December 2004, 16,272 women were enrolled at one of the BCHP sites in King County. During the period, 151 women were diagnosed for breast cancer (57 invasive) and 62 women were diagnosed for cervical cancer (17 invasive.) In addition to the initial screening after enrollment, the program has also provided 11,034 re-screenings.

King County BCHP has leveraged additional resources to increase the impact of the CDC funding. Over 150 community partners support the program through joint projects, funding, shared technical expertise, and in-kind donations. In 2001, BCHP secured funding providing a treatment option for women enrolled in BCHP. Using State and donated funds, women who are diagnosed with cancer through the program can qualify for the Medicaid Treatment fund.

  • For information about clinic services, please call (206) 284-5291 or
  • For program information, please call Ellen Phillips-Angeles at
    (206) 205-5679.
  • Visit the Washington State BCHP website at
  What Should I Do If I Have Become A Victim Of Identity Theft?

What Should I Do If I've Become A Victim Of Identity Theft? If you think you've become a victim of identity theft or fraud, act immediately to minimize the damage to your personal funds and financial accounts, as well as your reputation. Here's a list -- based in part on a checklist prepared by the California Public Interest Research Group (CalPIRG) and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse -- of some actions that you should take right away:

Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to report the situation, whether
By telephone toll-free at 1-877-ID THEFT (877-438-4338) or TDD at
202-326-2502, or

By mail to Consumer Response Center, FTC, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, DC 20580.

Under the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act , the Federal Trade Commission is responsible for receiving and processing complaints from people who believe they may be victims of identity theft, providing informational materials to those people, and referring those complaints to appropriate entities, including the major credit reporting agencies and law enforcement agencies. For further information, please check the FTC's identity theft Web pages . You can also call your local office of the FBI or the U.S. Secret Service to report crimes relating to identity theft and fraud.

You may also need to contact other agencies for other types of identity

Your local office of the Postal Inspection Service if you suspect that an identity thief has submitted a change-of-address form with the Post Office to redirect your mail, or has used the mail to commit frauds involving your identity;

The Social Security Administration if you suspect that your Social Security number is being fraudulently used (call 800-269-0271 to report the fraud);

The Internal Revenue ServiceIf you suspect the improper use of identification information in connection with tax violations (call 1-800-829-0433 to report the violations). Call the fraud units of the three principal credit reporting companies:

> To report fraud, call (800) 525-6285 or write to P.O. Box 740250, Atlanta, GA 30374-0250.
> To order a copy of your credit report ($8 in most states), write to P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241, or call (800) 685-1111.
> To dispute information in your report, call the phone number provided on your credit report.
> To opt out of pre-approved offers of credit, call (888) 567-8688 or write to Equifax Options, P.O. Box 740123, Atlanta GA 30374-0123.

Experian (formerly TRW)
> To report fraud, call (888) EXPERIAN or (888) 397-3742, fax to (800) 301-7196, or write to P.O. Box 1017, Allen, TX 75013.
> To order a copy of your credit report ($8 in most states): P.O. Box 2104, Allen TX 75013, or call (888) EXPERIAN.
> To dispute information in your report, call the phone number provided on your credit report.
> To opt out of pre-approved offers of credit and marketing lists, call (800) 353-0809 or (888) 5OPTOUT or write to P.O. Box 919, Allen, TX 75013.

Trans Union
> To report fraud, call (800) 680-7289 or write to P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92634.
> To order a copy of your credit report ($8 in most states), write to P.O. Box 390, Springfield, PA 19064 or call: (800) 888-4213.
> To dispute information in your report, call the phone number provided on your credit report.
> To opt out of pre-approved offers of credit and marketing lists, call (800) 680-7293 or (888) 5OPTOUT or write to P.O Box 97328, Jackson, MS 39238.

Contact all creditors with whom your name or identifying data have been fraudulently used. For example, you may need to contact your long-distance telephone company if your long-distance calling card has been stolen or you find fraudulent charges on your bill.

Contact all financial institutions where you have accounts that an identity thief has taken over or that have been created in your name but without your knowledge. You may need to cancel those accounts, place stop-payment orders on any outstanding checks that may not have cleared, and change your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card, account, and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Contact the major check verification companies (listed in the CalPIRG-Privacy Rights Clearinghouse checklist) if you have had checks stolen or bank accounts set up by an identity thief. In particular, if you know that a particular merchant has received a check stolen from you, contact the verification company that the merchant uses:

CheckRite -- (800) 766-2748
ChexSystems -- (800) 428-9623 (closed checking accounts)
CrossCheck -- (800) 552-1900
Equifax -- (800) 437-5120
National Processing Co. (NPC) -- (800) 526-5380
SCAN -- (800) 262-7771
TeleCheck -- (800) 710-9898

  Seattle Office For Civil Rights:

Seattle Office For Civil Rights...

For detailed information of Seattle Office For Civil Rights, Visit:

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