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Nima Rumba Live

Aayushna Khadka arrived in United States on December 24 2015 to study at Pierce College in Fort Steilacoom, WA. She was born and raised in Kathmandu. She is very passionate about social work, aviation and writing. She use to go to the college until a terrible car accident that took place on February 2, 2016 near Lakewood, WA. She has injury to her head and resting at Nepali family's apartment since then. She is planning to hire an attorney with recommendation from her friends and community with hope to cover her medical expenses. However, the process will take a long time and she needs immediate help from the Nepali community as much as possible. NSS officials have met her immediately after the accident and also decided to donate her $500 from NSS emergency fund. We are requesting more donation from the community members to alleviate her sufferings. Thank you


Dear Nepal Seattle Society members,


We are writing to ask for financially supporting our former executive member of Nepal Seattle Society, a resident of WA, Mr Krish Rizal who have been diagnosed with both kidney failure. He is on dialysis now. As we all know the cost for the treatment is going to be very high.  With our combine effort we can help him cover few out of pocket expenses. As a member of a Nepalese community here in WA, we also consider this as our responsibility.


We are counting on your support and hope that you will respond positively to our written request.


We are also asking everyone who read this letter to share this among your friends and family so that we can gather enough fund and help him as much as we can. 

Let's give Krish Rizal a chance for better life. Please consider your support which means a lot.

Please click on Donate button below and HELP NOW.