Floods and landslides in Nepal have killed nearly 200 people and several thousands have been displaced without basic necessities. Torrential rain has triggered landslides and flooding, devastating entire villages. First, it was the huge landslide blocking Sunkoshi river then there were floodings in Surkhet, Bardiya, and Dang and several other places in the country. Officials have been scrambling to provide affected people with clean drinking water and avert possible cholera outbreak.

Thousands of people have been evacuated to temporary shelters. Flooding has destroyed water pipes, roads and cut off electricity making it difficult to carry out necessary search and rescue.

Government of Nepal has appealed for help from everyone and Nepal Red Cross Society has been working directly in the affected areas. Nepal Seattle Society is organizing this fundraiser to help the victims. Let us all contribute to with what we can. We will collect the donations and send to Nepal Red Cross Society directly so that the funds can be use of the victims sooner than later.

You can either use the link below or if you already have Paypal send money using "Friends/Family" option in paypal and send to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you have Bank of America, you can also send the funds directly to this email address.


Thank you for your charitable contributions. We will publish the names of donors on our website. Please let us know if you do not wish to have your names published.

-Nepal Seattle Society.




List of Donors:
Abhishek Hada, WA  -  $50
Ajay P Malla, WA  -  $51
Angad Pun, WA  -  $40
Anil Dangol, WA  -  $30
Anjan Nepal, PA  -  $10
Ashna and Ayushna Kunwar, WV  -  $X.XX
Badan Tuladhar, WA  -  $100
Bibek Bajracharya, WA  -  $20
Bigyan Rajbhandari, WA  -  $201
Bijaya & Shanti Karki, LA  -  $100
Bikash Jaisi, WA  -  $40
Bikash Nepal, WA  -  $51
Bishal Ghimire, TX  -  $50
Bishnu Karki, SD  -  $20
Bishnu Pathak, VA  -  $200
Bishow Sigdel, WA  -  $40
Chhatra Karki, WA  -  $50
Chhong Karma Sherpa, WA  -  $20
Devendra and Dirjana Bista, WA  -  $60
Diwakar Thapa, WA  -  $75
Ganesh Shiwakoti, WA  -  $105
Girmi Sherpa, WA  -  $101
James Joshi , PA  -  $100
Krishna Gurung, WA  -  $202
Krishna Prasad Sapkota, WA  -  $200
Lily Laemmele, WA  -  $100
Manita Gurung & Sunil Singh, WA  -  $300
Manoj Paudel, WA  -  $200
Mohan Karki & Pratima Kunwar, WA  -  $X.XX
Monica Shrestha, WA  -  $20
Mudit Purwar and Smriti Shah, WA  -  $101
Mukunda Malla, WA  -  $75
Nabin & Nabita Khanal, WA  -  $200
Anonymous, WA  -  $10
Nepali Music Online, United Kingdom  -  $20
Netra & Laxmi Karki, LA  -  $100
Newatech, Inc., WA  -  $51
Niraj Thapa, WA  -  $51
Nitin Aryal, WA  -  $202
Nitin Thapa, WA  -  $X.XX
Pashupati Pandey, WA  -  $25
Prabhakar Bista, WA  -  $100
Prabhat Kunwar & Puja KC, CA  -  $X.XX
Prabin Malla & Reena Subba, WA  -  $50
Prakash Dhamala, WA  -  $X.XX
Pranaya Vaidya, WA  -  $100
Pratap Kunwar & Sangita Thapa, MD  -  $X.XX
Prince Pandey, WA  -  $100
Rajdeep Khadka, WA  -  $200
Rajib Shrestha, MI  -  $220
Anonymous, WA  -  $101
Rupak Sanjel, WA  -  $0
Santosh Hamal, WA  -  $100
Shaumye Adhikari, WA  -  $101
Shruti Upadhyaya, WA  -  $55
Sujay Maharjan, MI  -  $20
Anonymous, WA  -  $101
Ujwal Koirala, WA  -  $100
Uttam Gurung, WA  -  $20
Yadav Bhattarai, WA  -  $200





Let the joy be everywehre...

Music fill the air..

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2071.




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