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Our primary goal is to help and utilitze the donation in the most effecitve manner. While doing so we also try to be 100% transparent. 

Nepal Earthquake Fundraising Reception event- The Mountaineers (May 16)

We had as successful and historical Nepal Earthquake Fundraising Reception event at "The Mountaineers" on May 16. We are publishing the financial report summary of the event.
We would like to thank all the sponsors, donors and volunteers . With out all of you it would not have been successful.

Nepal Seattle Society
Earthquake Fundraising Reception Event
Mountainer's Club, Sandpoint, Seattle, WA
On May 16, 2015
Ticket/Auction Sales collection Details Amount
Paypal Ticket/Auction Sales $17,606.00  
Print ticket sales/Auction  $10,518.96  
Total Ticket Sales/Auction Sales   $28,124.96
Sponsors collection    
Best buy Bones $1,000.00  
City of Seattle - Cuc Vu $500.00  
Kenmore Air - Todd Banks $500.00  
Kiddie Academy - STEVEN AHRENS $500.00  
Spreeha -Tazin Shadid $500.00  
Tibetan Association of WA $1,000.00  
Total Sponsors  $4,000.00
Total Collection                     $32,124.96
Expenses details    
Food Expenses ($5,600.00)  
Photo Print from Costco ($241.03)  
Cost for Picture ($50.00)  
Decoration for Hall ($300.00)  
Auctionar fee ($600.00)  
Labour Charge ($800.00)  
Abbey Party Rental Charge ($1,158.78)  
Total Expenses   ($8,749.81)
Total Collection before paypal charges                      $23,375.15
Less: Total Paypal Charges   ($510.07)
Total Collection $22,915.08 #########


Fund Distribution Status

Following are non profit and government organizations suggested for relief fund distribution. The Funding Review team will review each organization's validity, previous work, current earthquake relief effort, area of envolvement and recommend organization and fund amount to NSS Executive Team. The NSS Executive Team will make final decision on whether to approve, not approve or suggest fund distribution for the organization. You may view the status of fund approval process below. 



Affiliated Non Profit Organization Project Location Amout Requested Status
Jana Maitri Hospital Balaju $2,000.00 Approved $2000
Lions Club of Kathmandu Bhattedata    Approved $4000 for Ramechhap
Lions Club of Kathmandu Charikot   Approved $4000 for Ramechhap
Himalayan Climate Initiative    KTM and beyond $2,000.00 Reviewing
Rotary Club of Madhyapur Nekosira, Bhaktapur $5,000.00  Approved $4000
Madhyapur Engineering Society Madhyapur Thimi $2,500.00  Reviewing
Rural Reconstruction Nepal Sindhupalchowk $2,000.00  Approved $4000
Lions Club PMCC Nuwakot Nayagaon    Approved $2000
Clarion (aka IMAT), Everett, WA

WA UBI Number 603052945
Dhading and near by $31,000 Approved $8000
SEBS (Nepal) Sindhupalchowk Nepalese Rs 2320 per family Reviewing
Kopila Nepal Kaski and Tanahu Nepalese Rs 3000 per family Reviewing
NRNA Nepal Gorkha, Sindupalchowk, Dhading, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Kavre, Ramechhap and Lamjung Not Specific Reviewing
Government of Nepal All affected districts $30,000 Reviewing 


Fund Transfer Status

We have transferd Funds to following organizations as recommened by Review Team and approved by NSS Executive Team. 

Affiliated Non Profit Organization Transfered Amout Fund Status Transfered Date
Jana Maitri Hospital $2,000.00 Transferred 5/1/2015
Lions Club of Kathmandu $4,000.00 Transferred 5/11/2015
Rotary Club of Madhyapur $4,000.00 Transferred 5/11/2015
Rural Reconstruction Nepal $4,000.00 Transferred 5/11/2015
Lions Club PMCC $2,000.00 Transferred 5/11/2015
Nepalimed DhuliKhel Hospital $5,000.00 Transferred 5/11/2015
Clarion $8,000.00 Transferred 5/9/2015
Vimad Youth Club, Tanahu $2,550.00 Transferred 5/12/2015
Sitka Secondary School $5,000.00 Transferred  
Red Cross $5,000.00 Transferred  
Farak Sherpa Committee (Kyidukh) $3,000.00 Transferred  
Dhulikhel Hospital (Government Hospital) $4,000.00 Transferred  
PM Fund, Government of Nepal $10,000.00 Transferred  
Total Transfered $58,550.00    

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