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fffOn behalf of Nepal Seattle Society (NSS), Executive team would like to take this opportunity to extend sincere thanks to all the volunteers, artists, NSS members and guests who came to support at New Year Bikram Sambat 2069: Nepal Festival Celebration at Egan Hall, 123 N 79th St., Seattle, WA on 14 April 2012.  We thank you for your support and making this event a grand success.

The committee extends countless thanks to individuals and organizations as follows:

Ms. Ashlesha Rijal and Mr. Nihal Thapa, who stepped forward to set an example for our young generations to contribute for our community

MC Coordinator:
Mr. Prakash Dhamala who coordinated our MCs before and during the event on the back stage


Cultural Program Coordinators:
Mr. Nitin Thapa, Executive Member, for lining up all the cultural items and coordinating with performers
Mr. Suraj Ranjitkar, Executive Member, for coordinating with singers and DJ
Ms. Shruti Upadhyaya, Joint Secretary, for coordinating with dancers and overall cultural program
Mr. Krish Rizal, Executive Member, for coordinating a patriotic song
Mrs. Mingma S. Chauhan, Joint Treasurer, for advising on effective cultural program presentation


Ms. Simran Poudyal, Ms. Sita Gurung, Mrs. Minu Shrestha, Ms. Mingma Sherpa, Ms. Tshring Sherpa, Ms. Sujana Gurung, Mr. Arya Dahal,  Mr. Ashwin Dahal, Mr. Anish Rijal, Mrs. Anuja Rijal, Mrs. Jyotsana Rana, Ms. Prabeshika Adhikari for their wonderful performances. They are the valuable ornaments of NSS cultural program.

Sound system setup and Concert:
PASA Band Members, Mr. Sunil Shrestha, Mr. Ashim Rijal, Mr. Om Shrestha, Mr. Sanjeev Shrestha, Mr. Ashim Shrestha, and Mr. Aayam Shrestha, for their awesome performances and help setting up whole sound system
Also a Big THANK YOU to Mr. Sunil Joshi for dealing with sound equipment vendor and coordinating with the band

Mrs. Kalpana Sharma, Treasurer, for being in charge at Admissions 
Mrs. Soni Dhungana, Mrs. Anuja Rijal for assisting at the door.

NSS Badge, Print materials, and website update:
Mr. Samprna Prajapati, President

Loot Movie Ticket Sales:
Ms. Nisha Shrestha, Ms. Babina Pradhan, Ms. Bandana Shrestha, and Mr. Krish Rizal for pushing those tickets out

Mrs. Ruby Shrestha, Board of Director, for handling membership

Mr. Subhash Prajaptai, General Secretary and Mr. Sampurna Prajapati, President, for sending out email and Evite invitations

Food and Beverage Coordination:
Mr. Puspa Shrestha, Executive Member, for dealing with food and beverage vendors and finding solutions to food service at our events
Bar: Mr. Varun Chauhan and Mr. Ramesh Thapa for their hard work, serving beer, wine and refreshments

Food Vendors:
Mr. Mohan Gurung and staff members, The Everest Kitchen, Shoreline, WA
Mr. Kiran Shrestha and staff members, Curry & Kabab, Kent, WA

DJ Mario Romero for rocking the night and DJ Rajdeep Khadka, Advisor, for Lights and assistance

Setting Tables and Chairs:
Ms. Babina Pradhan, Ms. Sujana Gurung, Mr. Sampurna Prajapati, President, for setting up 300+ chairs and tables for guests

Audio and Video Technicians:
Mr. Nitin Thapa and Mr. Sunil Joshi for taking care of all the audio and video system

NSS Live Radio:
Although we did not get to present our pre-planned NSS Live Radio Fundraiser because of the time constraint and technical difficulty, we would like to thank Mr. Prasoon Khanal, Board of Director, for his willingness to host the program.

Cultural Program Rehearsal Venue:
Mr. Sampurna Prajapati, President

Hall and Stage Decoration:
Ms. Shruti Upadhyaya, Ms. Jenifer Smith, Ms. Maya Shrestha for beautiful and festive decoration

Sound Equipment:
Morgan Sound

St. John School, Seattle, WA: Ms. Dani D’Amelio, Steve and Sean
Mr. Sampurna Prajapati for dealing with venue reservation

Official Photographer:
Mr. Yadav Bhattrai, Advisor

White Himal Television:
Ms. Sharon Sherpa and Ms. Phurba Sherpa for program reporting and video

Mr. Darshan Rauniyar for his New Year Subhakamana Sandes

Kangen Water for serving us Free alkaline Water

Clean up:
Mr. Puspa Shrestha, Mr. Sampurna Prajapati, Mr. Prakash Dhamala, Mr. Anil Shrestha, Mr. Dineshower Shrestha, Mr. Susan Shrestha, Mr. Shankar Shrestha, Mrs. Indra Kanya Shrestha, and Ms. Nisha Shrestha. BIG BIG BIG THANKS to all for staying up late and making sure we leave the hall as it is or even better.

There are many more people who have helped us and/or showed their willingness to help us.  We might have missed their names on this note but we would like to thank them too.

Once Again! We thank you all.


Executive team
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)

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