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Amidst the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake, our beloved Nepal has been hit again! And this time it’s by the massive flood and landslides triggered by incessant rains. So far the flood has claimed the lives of over 200 people and has done innumerable damage to the homes and villages of many Nepali citizens as well as the infrastructure of the country. Over 48,000 homes are estimated to be submerged in Nepal alone. The most affected regions are in the Terai, an economically significant region that will leave rippling impact across the country.

The flood has led to shortages of drinking water and food which will no doubt lead to a humanitarian crisis, as warned by the Nepal Red Cross.

We humbly request that all of you contribute what you can in order to provide funds to the needy to combat this natural disaster. As a community, Let’s come together once again to answer the call for need. 



How to Help:

We have set up both Paypal donation link and youcaring account. Please use one of the links below to donate and support the cause.

Paypal Link:


YouCaring Link:

P.S After you enter a donation amount, you can then click on the "+ $xx.00 recommended to YouCaring" and select "Other" to put down $0 or another pre-set percentage so as to adjust tips to youcaring.


We are and we will be transparent in publishing all the donations details and updates.


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