NRNA Townhall Meeting in Seattle, WA

March 29, 2010

Nepal Seattle Society and Northwest Sherpa Association jointly hosted a town hall meeting with Non-Resident Nepali Association on March 28, 2010.

The objective of the meeting was to inform and promote programs of NRN Association, Regional Convention and Nepal Toursim. The event was held in collaboration with Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) and Northwest Sherpa Association (NWSA). Mr. Shree Ram Dahal, President of NSS, Mr. Pasang Gyalzen Sherpa, President of NWSA, and Mr. C.K. Sherpa welcomed attendees. Mr. Ratan Jha, Gen Secretary NRNICC; Ms. Bishnu Thapa, general Secretary NRN National Coordination Council of USA and Mr. Naresh Koirala (Canada), past Regional Coordinator for North America were amongst the speaker.

The presentation was focused on NRN-NCC’s activities in USA, issue of dual citizenship and NRN-ICC’s position, and few NRN Association sponsored project. Mr. Naresh Koirala exclusively spoke on Nepal Library Foundation. The meeting continued with questions and answers on the issue of ID card, dual citizenship and other topics. The enthusiasm and participation in the program was very encouraging. NRN-NCC of USA has been planning town hall meetings across USA to promote NRN Association and upcoming 4th Regional NRN Convention at Houston, Texas on May 28-30, 2010. For more information on NRN NCC of USA, visit

About Nepal Seattle Society
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization established in Seattle, Washington on March 14, 1999. NSS has been officially registered in the State of Washington on October 6, 2000 and is recognized as an Organization described in the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

NSS’s primary goals are to promote and preserve Nepali culture, traditions and heritage, strengthen mutual cooperation among Nepalese and foster friendship with friends of Nepal. NSS organizes various Nepali cultural activities, fundraisers and sport activities to promote it objectives. NSS also participates in many other events organized by local international communities around Seattle and Washington State.

Additional information about Nepal Seattle Society is available at

About Northwest Sherpa Association
Northwest Sherpa Association (Sherpa Kyidug) is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan, autonomous social organization, which aims to integrate the Northwest Sherpa community and friends by providing common platform for conserving and promoting of Sherpa language, religion, culture, arts and other areas of common interest in Northwest and beyond. Activities related to projection of an appropriate image of the community will also be promoted including the need for diversification of economic activities through different professions. It will develop the linkages and be instrumental in promoting a better understanding, mutual cooperation and unity within the Sherpa community and other communities living in and outside the United States.

Additional information about Northwest Sherpa Association is available at

 Sep. 18, 2007: Announcement - Executive Member Position Opening
Dear Valued Members of Nepal Seattle Society:

We are looking for an active member to join our Executive Committee as an Executive Member. If you are interested, please send your application by Tuesday, Sep.25, 2007. Please include in your application why would you like to join the committee. Applications can be sent by e-mail to:, addressed to:
The Executive Committee
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)
PO Box 45633, Seattle, WA 98145

Selection Process:
If we have more than one applicant, the current Executive Committee Members will vote to select.

Executive Members:
The Executive Members shall have power to exercise the general affairs of the Society, to vote on policies and changes therein; to specify and conduct the work of the committee for the furtherance of its policies and objectives. She/He shall carry out any responsibilities given by the decision of the Executive Committee.

Executive Members' Qualification:
Any Nepali or non-Nepali, who has resided in the State of Washington with no criminal background, shall be eligible for the candidate of executive position. However, she/he must be the general member of NSS to become eligible for the Executive Committee. The eligible age for the executive positions is 21 or above. A person cannot hold the position of an Executive committee, Board of Director, and an Advisor at the same time.

This is truly and fully a volunteer service with no monetary compensation. General Members, Executive Members, Board Directors, and Advisors shall not receive any salary or compensation for their services.

Volunteer Term/Period:
From now until April 2009

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)
 May 24, 2007: Announcement - NSS Officials for 2007-2009 Term
Dear Members and Friends:
It is our great pleasure to inform you that Nepal Seattle Society(NSS) has now elected and nominated all officials for 2007-2009 term as below. Please join us to congratulate and thank all the officials. Every Executive Committee Members, Board of Directors, and Board of Advisors need your support and guidance to work as a team and lead NSS toward the right direction. With your support and Team work - Together we will definitely make a difference in our community.
We always look forward to coordinate with our members/friends steps toward the betterment of NSS. Again, we thank you  for your continued support.
Executive Committee:
President- Mr. Dhan B. Pun
Vice President - Mr. Shree Ram Dahal
General Secretary - Ms. Shanti Thapa
Treasurer- Ms. Nishma Shrestha
Member- Mr. Sampurna Prajapati
Member- Mr. Prateek Sapkota
Member- Ms. Tsering Doka Sherpa
Member- Mr. Kiran Shrestha
Member- Mr. Tek Narayan Shrestha
Member- Ms. Bandana Shrestha
Member- Mr. Diwakar Thapa
Board of Directors:
Mr. Krishna Gurung, Former BOD
Ms. Sita Gurung, Former President
Dr. Mukund Upadhyaya, Ex-President/BOD
Mr. Rajendra Nath Agrawaal, NSS Member
Ms. Monica Shrestha, NSS Member
Mr. Niraj Thapa, NSS Member
Mr. Chhatra Karki, NSS Member
Board of Advisors:
Mr. Nabin Khanal, Former BOD
Mr. Atul Regmi, Former BOD
Ms. Lily Laemmle, Former BOD
Mr. Bijit Giri, Former Advisor / Life Member
Mr. Chhong Karma Sherpa, Former Advisor / Life Member
Mr. Mohan Gurung, Former Advisor / Life Member
Mr. Sabin Pradhan, NSS Member
Mr. Ang Babu Sherpa, Life Member
Mr. Jeetendra Shrestha, NSS Member
Mr. Mukunda Adhikari, NSS Member
Ms. Anna Hauksdottir, Former EC
Mr. Dashrath Budathoki, NSS Member
Mr. Bom Sing Ranabhat, NSS Member
Mr. Som Ghimire, Former EC
Ms. Shova Rana, Former EC
01. Event Planning and Management
02. Community Outreach, Communication and Public Relation
03. Cultural Affairs
04. Youth Initiatives
05. Fundraisings
06. Sports Activities
07. Women's Affairs
08. Children's Activities
09. Publication/News/Media
10. Nepali Language Project
11. Legal and Educational Forum
12. Web/Technology Development
We welcome any volunteers to work/support at our various events and projects. If anyone is interested to volunteer, please feel free to contact us at any time. Please visit our website often to see all the news, activities, and updates.
Best Regards,
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)
 April 13, 2007: Announcement of New Executive Committee for 2007-2009 Term

Dear Members,
We wish to inform you that an election will not be held for the position of President as Ms. Sita Gurung has withdrawn her candidacy. Enlisted below is the list of the new Executive Committee of Nepal Seattle Society for the term of 2007-2009.

President: Mr. Dhan B. Pun
Vice President: Mr. Shree Ram Dahal
General Secretary: Ms. Shanti Thapa
Treasurer: Ms. Nishma Shrestha

7 Executive Members:
Mr. Sampurna Prajapati
Mr. Prateek Sapkota
Ms. Tsering Doka Sherpa
Mr. Kiran Shrestha
Mr. Tek Narayan Shrestha
Ms. Bandana Shrestha
Mr. Diwakar Thapa


The President shall appoint the Board of Directors and Advisory Board for 2007-2009 consulting with the Executive Committee. The handover ceremony will be held during the Nepali New Year Celebration on April 21, 2007.

If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to The Election Committee will be dissolved effective April 21, 2007.

Thank You.

NSS Election Committee 2007
(Lily Laemmle, Kripa Upadhaya, Atul Regmi)

 NSS Election Notice 2007:

From: NSS Election Committee 2007

Dear valued members of Nepal Seattle Society (NSS),

The NSS Election Committee would like to thank all of you for your continued support to NSS. The time has come to elect a new NSS Executive Committee as the current NSS Executive Committee’s two-year term (2005-2007) will terminate in April 2007.

During the 2005-2007 term, NSS has no doubt made excellent progress and improvements with the hard work and leadership of our current NSS Officials. We anticipate that the new Executive Committee will take our organization to an even higher standard in the days to come. At this time, we request interested and qualified members to submit their candidacy to the Election Committee at along with a manifesto stating the reason and their eligibility to run for a particular position by March 25, 2007. Enlisted below are the available positions.

PRESIDENT (1 Position)
Candidate for President must be NSS member;
Must be of Nepali Origin;
Must be of age 21 or older;
Must be a resident of Washington state and residing
in Washington state for at least 6 months.

Must be of age 21 or older;
Must be a resident of Washington state and residing
in Washington state for at least 6 months.
(Nepali or non-Nepali).

Must be of age 21 or older;
Must be a resident of Washington state and residing
in Washington state for at least 6 months.
(Nepali or non-Nepali).

TREASURER (1 Position)
Must be of age 21 or older;
Must be a resident of Washington state and residing
in Washington state for at least 6 months.
(Nepali or non-Nepali).

Must be of age 21 or older;
Must be a resident of Washington state and residing
in Washington state for at least 6 months.
(Nepali or non-Nepali).

Please note that candidates may run for ONLY ONE Position listed above. NSS officials and Executive members are eligible to be re-elected for the same position for maximum of two consecutive terms, i.e., four years in a row. Therefore, Executive Members who have already served for four consecutive years CANNOT submit candidacy for the same position.



The Election Committee will announce the names of candidates running for all positions on March 26, 2007. AFTER the announcement of all candidates, the candidates may campaign to solicit votes. During the campaign, the candidates shall abide and require others to abide by the following code of conduct :

1) No publicity shall be made by candidates or by others on behalf of candidates, that will adversely affect the spirit of the Nepal Seattle Society and that would be contrary to the Constitution of NSS.

2) No publicity shall be made that would generate animosity amongst the different religions, sects, creeds and communities. Similarly, the voters shall not be induced to cast their votes on the basis of religion, cast, creed or language.

3) Candidates may not influence voters by means of monetary exchange, services, etc.

4) Candidates shall conduct their campaigns in a peaceful and respectful manner.

5) Materials distributed by the Election Committee may not in any way be altered or tampered with.

6) Voters shall freely express their vote without coercion of any means.

7) No candidate, or his/her representative, shall interfere with free access to the polling process.

8) The task of polling and counting the votes shall be performed without any hindrance and it shall be the duty of all concerned to create an appropriate environment to the same. A candidate or one representative of each candidate shall be allowed to be present during the counting of the votes.

9) The candidate shall provide adequate knowledge of the Election Code of Conduct to supporters and shall require them to abide by the Code.
10) Each candidate shall be responsible for his/her own campaign.

11) In the event of a dispute regarding any election matter, position or polling procedures, the decision of the Election Committee shall be final.


1) Maintain confidentiality of applications received.
2) Conduct a free, fair and impartial election.
3) No engaging in public endorsement of a particular candidate.
4) Establish that all candidates have abided by the above code of conduct.
5) Prepare and execute all ballot materials so that none can be easily duplicated or altered.

The Election Committee shall update the members with the election schedule, location and polling procedure in due time. We look forward to your cooperation and participation in the upcoming election!

Note: Only "Current Members of NSS" over the age of 18 can vote.

Thank you!

NSS Election Committee 2007
Lily T. Laemmle
Kripa Upadhyay
Atul Regmi

 October 22, 2006: Dashain, Tihar and Mha Puja Celebrated in Seattle!

Press Release
For Immediate Release:

Dashain, Tihar and Mha Puja Celebrated in Seattle!

Seattle, Washington:
On Sunday, October 22, 2006 Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) organized Dashain, Tihar and Mha Puja celebration at Egan Hall to mark their annual event. NSS organizes dozens of events through out the year and this event particularly draws the biggest attendance of Nepalese people.

Mha Puja began at 1pm until 5pm with 40 members participating for the Puja. The Dashain celebration started with Deepawali (candle lighting) in the evening. A moment of silence took place before the program to remember those members who passed away this year. In the beginning, NSS President Ms. Sita Gurung welcomed and thanked everyone for their participation and support to NSS. The President honored Mr. Alan Sugiyama, Executive Director of Center for Career Alternatives, for his support to Nepal Seattle Society by joining hands with the larger API Community in the King and Snohomish counties. Mr. Sugiyama donated a check of $100 to NSS Disaster Relief Fund to help support the victims of floods/landslides in Nepal. Next, the President honored the Elite Sponsor of the celebration Mr. Rajendra Nath Agrawal, Realtor, for his generous sponsorship of the celebration. The President also honored 18 players of Team Nepal who proudly participated and represented Nepal in All Nations Cup 2006 (World Cup Seattle Soccer Tournament) in July 2006. With much anticipation, the President unveiled NSS’s annual newsletter “Lali Gurans Year 5 Issue 8” followed by a read greeting message from the Washington State Governor Ms. Christine Gregoire.

During the program around two dozen dancers and singers presented a very entertaining Nepali cultural program with dances, folk songs, dohori competition and deusi/bhailo. NSS thanks all the artists who made this evening such a delight: Punam Biswokarma, Ashok Gurung, Prabeshika Adhikari(Bittu), Sophia Kunwar, Sonia Kunwar, Shreya Shrestha, Krishna Gurung, Som Ghimire, Dhalu Sherpa, Mingma Kanchhi Sherpa, Ang Gelu Sherpa, Sunil Joshi, Sita Gurung, Shanti Thapa, Sarmila Adhikari, Nirmala Gurung, Doma Tamang/Sherpa, Raju Bikram Adhikari, Kiran Shrestha, Madhu Dahal, Sampurna Prajapati and Asim Rijal. All of the cultural dances were choreographed by Sita Gurung and Mingma Doma Sherpa.

Entertaining as this celebration was it also served to raise funds to help support the victims of floods/landslides in Nepal. NSS will keep this fundraiser open and ongoing until November with an organized close out fundraiser in mid-November. The raised funds will provide supplies to the victims in Nepal. NSS has committed to contribute 50% of the entrance fee of the Dashain celebration to its Disaster Relief Fund. The total raised fund will be announced right after the close out fundraiser in November. NSS’s deusi/bhailo team played a very interesting Deusi/Bhailo to collect KARTIKE DAAN (donations of Kartik) from the audience and collected $275 which completely goes to the Disaster Relief Fund. Right after the cultural program everyone enjoyed the open floor dance party hosted by NSS’s DJs Shree Ram Dahal and Krishna Gurung.

This celebration was proudly sponsored by - Rajendra Nath Agrawaal (Realtor, Seattle), Langhali "Magar" Association USA, Inc. (New York), The Everest Kitchen (Seattle) and Samjhana Album (Nepali Folk Songs by Sita Gurung). The program was hosted by NSS General Secretary Dhan B. Pun and Board of Advisor Shree Ram Dahal. The Everest Kitchen catered the Nepali buffet dinner. NSS heartily thanks all the sponsors who made this celebration possible. Also many thanks to all the participants, members, friends, artists, volunteers, Mha Puja organizing team, newsletter publication team and well-wishers for your generous support to NSS-- because of you the celebration was a grand success. Even though it was held on a Sunday night, 203 members and friends came out to participate in this event.

There are about 600 Nepali families living in the State of Washington. Besides its primary goal of “promoting and preserving Nepali culture, traditions and heritage”, NSS aims to unite all the Nepalese living in the Pacific Northwest region by organizing events every year and also many different events every month. NSS also helps its members with educational and legal issues. In 2007, NSS plans to start Basic Nepali language classes.

Finally, NSS appeals to those who have yet to contribute for help and support to those victims in Nepal who are affected by the recent floods and landslides. NSS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all of your contributions and donations are tax deductible. For more information on NSS, please visit:

Photo captions for the attached photos:

  1. 001-10222006.jpg - NSS members/friends taking part in Mha Puja.
  2. 002-10222006.jpg - Children dancing to a Nepali folk song at the celebration.
  3. 003-10222006.jpg - NSS Members/friends enjoying open dance party at the celebration.

Note: All other photos will be uploaded in the photo gallery shortly (

Thank you,

Best Regards,
Dhan B. Pun
General Secretary
Nepal Seattle Society(NSS)
PO Box 45633
Seattle, WA 98145, USA

Tel : 1-206-321-5779
Fax: 1-806-403-2447
NSS is A Washington Non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation
NSS members/friends taking part in Mha Puja...


 September 7, 2006: Press Release!

Press Release
For Immediate Release!

Nepal Seattle Society(NSS) and Nepal Red Cross Society(NRCS) join together to appeal for help & support toward the recent flood and landslide victims in Nepal.

Seattle, Washington, September 7, 2006:
On August 24, 2006, heavy and continuous rain caused floods and landslides in Bajura, Baitadi, Nawalparasi, Banke, Bardiya and Achham districts in the western part of Nepal occurring over a four day period. According to the disaster report of Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), the flood water heavily affected Banke and Bardiya in the mid-western region and landslides deeply affected Achaam district in the far-western region. Hundreds of houses were completely demolished. More than 300 cattle were swept away. Hundreds of people are still missing and more than 10,000 people have been displaced.

Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) is working hard to help support the victims of such a large scale natural disaster. Even though we Nepalese are half-way around the world here in the USA, we are deeply saddened by this news. We are very proud of NRCS for their great humanitarian work during this difficult time in Nepal.

Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) and Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) both appeal to all Nepalese and friends of Nepal to join us and help support the victims and survivors of such devastating natural calamities in our country. Thousands of our friends/families are waiting for help and support at this difficult time.

Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) is hosting fundraiser programs starting today September 7th until the end of October 2006. We urge all of our members/friends, well-wishers, and friends of Nepal here in the USA to contribute as much as you can for this noble cause.

Please make your check payable to Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)
and send to the address below no later than the end of October 2006. Remember to write "For Floods/Landslide Victims" on your check.

Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) is a United States Registered and a 501(c)(3) tax exempted non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible and an official receipt will be mailed to you. NSS and NRCS assure you that 100% of your donations will go to the victims.

Please send your check to:

Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)
PO Box
, WA 98145

U. S. A.

We will have fundraiser booths at our following events also:

    1. September 9, 2006: The 5th Pacific Northwest Nepali Jamghat 2006 in Seattle hosted by Nepal Seattle Society (NSS).
    2. October 7, 2006: Dashain Celebration 2006 hosted by Nepal Seattle Society (NSS).
    3. October 22, 2006: Tihar & Mha Puja Celebration 2006 promoted/sponsored by Nepal Seattle Society (NSS).
    4. Closeout fundraiser gathering at the end of October or beginning of November 2006.


  • Dhan B. Pun, General Secretary, NSS, 1-206-321-5779
  • Ramesh Kumar Sharma, Chairman, NRCS, 977-1-427-2761

Thank you very much and we look forward to receiving your generous donations to help support the victims and survivors of such devastating natural calamities in our country.

Best Regards,
Dhan B. Pun
General Secretary
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)
PO Box
, WA 98145
U. S. A.
Tel.  1-206-321-5779
Fax. 1-806-403-2447


Mr.Ramesh Kumar Sharma (NRCS - Chairman)
Mr.Dev Ratna Dhakwa (NRCS - Secretary General)
Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Thapa (NRCS - Treasurer)
Mr.Umesh Prasad Dhakal (NRCS - Executive Director)

KantipurOnline News Re:Recent Floods and Landslide:

Floods and landslides in Nepal, Many still missing, thousands displaced

 August 30, 2006: Foster Care
Dear members and friends of the Nepal Seattle Society,

Lutheran Community Services is looking for foster homes for refugee and immigrant children who are unable to live with their birth families.  The goal of our program is to help find a permanent solution to their situations as soon as possible.  We license people who want to become foster parents and provide foster families with case work support.  Anyone 21 years or older, living in King or Snohomish County may apply to become a foster parent.  Foster parents receive a monthly stipend to cover the childrens' expenses.  The children also receive medical coupons to cover their medical and dental needs.

The Refugee and Immigrant Children's Program is always in need of people to provide long-term and respite foster care.  Currently we have a specific need for a home for three orphaned Bhutanese sisters ages 10, 11 and 16.The girls have lived most of their lives in a refugee camp in Nepal and speak Nepali. We would love to find a foster family from the same cultural background to keep these girls connected with their heritage.
I will be attending your upcoming picnic (5th Pacific Northwest Nepali Jamghat 2006) on Saturday, September 9, 2006 and will be able to provide more information if you are interested in finding out more about welcoming these girls into your family.

Thank you for your consideration of this unique opportunity to help support these children in their transition to a new life in America. Please click here to view our flier:

Meg Hall
Foster Home Specialist
Refugee and Immigrant Children's Program
Lutheran Community Services
433 Minor Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 694-5755
 July 11, 2006: For Immediate Release
Press Release For Immediate Release!

Dhan Pun, General Secretary, Nepal Seattle Society, 206-321-5779
Bishal Gurung, Captain, Team Nepal, 206-795-7995
Team Nepal Participates in All Nations Cup 2006 in Seattle/Washington/USA
Seattle, Washington, July 11, 2006: Team Nepal is participating again in All Nations Cup 2006 Soccer Tournament. This is a great representation of our country Nepal in this international community organized tournament. Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) proudly sponsors Team Nepal for this year's tournament. NSS has worked very hard to support Team Nepal. NSS organized a fundraiser dinner on July 9th 2006 at The Everest Kitchen for Team Nepal and raised approx. $856. This fund will be given for the betterment of the Team Nepal for the tournament including team registration etc.
Mr. Bishal Gurung is leading the Team Nepal as Team Captain. The opening ceremony will be on Friday July 14th 2006 at 7pm. Ms. Smriti Gurung will present Team Nepal to the All Nations Cup 2006 on this opening ceremony on behalf of Team Nepal. Ms. Smriti Gurung will be in traditional Nepali costume and Ms. Shoba Rana, Team Captain Bishal Gurung will be with Nepal Flag at the opening ceremony to  represent Nepal.
According to the tournament schedule, Nepal will be playing 3 games in the qualifying games. On July 15th at 1pm Nepal Vs Vietnam and at 8pm Nepal Vs Afghanistan. On July 16th at 11:30am Nepal Vs Tibet.
What is All Nations Cup?
All Nations Cup was inaugurated in August of 2003 with 12 countries being represented by their local communities. This year, from July 14-29 All Nations Cup 2006 will be held for the fourth year at the Starfire Sports Complex in Seattle/Washington. All Nations Cup is a project of Sister Communities, Seattle based non-profit organization. All Nations Cup is also known as World Cup Seattle in the local international community here in Seattle/Washington. The Qualifiers Festival Weekend will be July 14th to 16th which will feature international music, dance food and a kid's crafts tent! And the new all Nations Cup Market Place will be the place for communities to gather, new friends made, and culture shared. Opening night is free for everyone and award-winning Brazilian composer Jovino Santos Neto bring his band to the Closing Celebration on July 29th.
This year the following 37 countries are being represented by their local communities:
Asia Region:
Nepal, China, Iran, Korea, Tibet, Japan, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Turkey.
African Region:
Ethiopia, Gambia, Somalia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Sudan, Morocco and Cameroon.
European Region:
Bosnia, Ireland, Denmark, France, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Italy, Great Britain and Russia.
American Region:
Brazil, El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Honduras, Mexico and USA.
Please visit: for detailed schedule information.
We also take this opportunity to thank each one of our members and friends who attended the Fundraiser dinner and also donated for Team Nepal on July 9th. Also, many thanks to The Everest Kitchen including all the staffs who provided the facility for the fundraiser dinner. And, Nepal Seattle Society requests all of our members/friends to come and be a part of All Nations Cup, and cheer for our Team Nepal. Your valuable support is greatly appreciated.
1. Bishal Gurung, (Team Captain/Midfielder)
2. Ambir Raj Gurung (Goal Keeper)
3. Esor Gurung (Defender)
4. Milan Gurung (Midfielder/Forward)
5. Biraj Kumar Thapa (Forward)
6. Som Kumar Limbu (Midfielder/forward)
7. Prasan Gurung (midfielder)
8. Kiran Gurung (Defender)
9. Prabat Limbu (midfielder/forward/defender)
10. Pan Tamang (Defender)
11. Bhushan Khanal (Midfielder)
12. Kabir Pradhan (Forward )
13. Sameer Bhatteria( Midfielder )
14. Austin Fletcher (Defender )
15. Jeremy Hall (Midfielder )
16. Kobil Shokirov (Midfielder )
17. Chet Khadka (Defender )
18. Prachin Shrestha (Midfielder)
Thank you all and see you at the Tournament on July 14th, 15th and 16th.
Dhan Pun
General Secretary
Nepal Seattle Society (NSS)

May 7, 2006: Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration 2006
Nepal Seattle Society's Participation in API Heritage Month Celebration 2006...

Dear Members and Friends of NSS:

The Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration 2006 was held on May 7, 2006 at the Seattle Center, Seattle/Washington. The Seattle Center and the Asian Pacific Directors Coalition presents this celebration every year.

On behalf of Nepal Seattle Society (NSS), we would like to thank Seattle Center, the Asian Pacific Directors Coalition, and Center for Career Alternatives for their support to Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) to present Nepal and Nepali cultural activities in this great celebration.

Our very special thanks goes to our talented dancers: Ms. Parvati Brown, Ms. Wendy Mafieae, Ms. Mingma Kanchhi Sherpa, and Ms. Dhalu Sherpa, who presented very interesting traditional Nepali cultural dances. Thank you also to our Executive Member Ms. Shova Rana for introducing Nepal Seattle Society (NSS), its goals and our dancers at the stage. Last but not least thank you to our members and friends for your support by attending the celebration.

Our presentation improved since last year and we will continue to participate in this celebration every year in the first week of May.

Besides Nepal Seattle Society (NSS), the following communities also participated in this celebration:
Ying-Yung Tong International Lion & Dragon Dance Team, Filipino Youth Activities Drill Team, Vovinam Vietnamese Martial Arts, Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team, Angelo Pizarro, Jazz Guitarist, Cambodian Dance Group of Tacoma, Urvasi Traditional Dance of India, Rachel Santos Vocalist, Seattle Matsuri Taiko, Ke Liko A'e Lei Lehua, Kanako Kashima and Marica Takamura - Koto Performance, The Grateful Crane Ensemble, and Vietnamese Student Association of Seattle University.

We would like to hear your suggestions, comments, and ideas to make next year even better. Thank you!
April 22, 2006: Nepali New Year 2063 BS Celebration
Nepal New Year 2063 BS Celebration in Seattle/WA...

Dear Members and Friends of NSS:
We thank you very much for your generous support, cooperation and contribution to Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) to make our Nepali New Year 2063 celebration a grand success on April 22, 2006. About 400 members and friends participated in this celebration. It is so encouraging to see our Nepali community here in the State of Washington grow with the great pride and unity. Our locally talented children, dancers, artists, singers and guest singer Mr.Uttam Rai presented traditional Nepali cultural dances, instrumental pieces, songs, and a live concert. Everyone enjoyed the Nepali cultural program, typical Nepali dinner, and the open floor dance party until mid-night.

Our wonderfully talented Master of Ceremonies Ms.Kripa Updhyaya and Mr.Shree Ram Dahal hosted the program. A moment of silence was taken place before the start of the program for those who lost their lives during the recent "Jana-Andolan (Peoples' Movement)" in Nepal. NSS President Ms. Sita Gurung gave a warm welcome to everyone followed by the message from the Washington State Governor Ms. Christine Gregoire. The Governor's greetings was read by CAPAA Executive Assistant Mr. Jovi Legaspi. Mr. Ashish Diwan from State Farm Insurance, Ms. Pradeepta Upadhyaya Executive Director for Chaya Seattle, and Edymir Guerrero from Center for Career Alternatives (CCA) also gave each a short thank you speech.

During the celebration NSS honored new Life Long Members: Mr. Lakpa Rita Sherpa, Mr. Angbabu Sherpa, Mr. Jangbu Sherpa, Mr. Madan Shrestha, Mr. Mohan Gurung, Mr. Mukund Upadhyaya, and Mr. Dhan Pun. NSS also honored two youths. First, Mr. Sachin Pradhan for his outstanding achievement for the "CSE Award for Excellence Scholarship" awarded by the University of Washington, Computer Science and Engineering Department. And second, Mr. Jamling Sherpa, age 6, who was featured in the Mercer Island Reporter Newspaper for his outstanding drawing to promote the Community Center's grand opening at Mercerview, Mercer Island, WA. His drawing was chosen to be transferred to fabric and incorporated into a quilt hanging which is displayed at the center. Also, NSS president surprisingly honored some NSS officers for their great contributions to NSS: Mr. Krishna Gurung, Mr. Dhan Pun, Ms. Lily Laemmle, and Ms. Anna Hauksdottir.

This event “Nepali New Year 2063 Celebration” was proudly sponsored by State Farm Insurance,, Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant, and Realtor Mr. Rajendra Nath Agrawal.

Our Very Special Thanks to:
1. Washington State Governor Ms. Christine Gregoire: Ms. Governor sent her warm greetings to the Nepali community on the auspicious occasion of Nepali New Year 2063 Bikram Era. The Governors' message will be published in our upcoming News Magazine "Lali Gurans.”

2. Cultural Team: Era Budathoki, Migma Yangzi Sherpa, Mingma Dawa Sherpa, Pemba Sherpa, Mingma Kanchhi Sherpa, Dhalu Sherpa, Kumar G. Nessenbaum, Jon Alvaraz, Dawa Jangmu Sherpa, Parvati Brown, Kiran Shrestha, Anup Kafle, Yam Thapa, Soniya Kunwar, Sophia Kunwar, Bittu Adhikari, Sunil Joshi, Krishna Gurung, Bhushan Khanal, Prasoon Khanal, Ang Gelu Sherpa, President Sita Gurung, and guest singer Uttam Rai from California.

3. Proud Sponsors: State Farm Insurance,, Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant, and Rajendra Nath Agrawal.

4. Online Supporters:,,,,,

5. Community Supporters:, Chaya Seattle, Tibetan Nuns Project, Seattle Tibetan Youth Congress, Center for Career Alternatives (CCA),

6. Masters of Ceremonies: BOD. Kripa Upadhyaya and Advisor Shree Ram Dahal.

7. DJs: BOD. Krishna Gurung and Advisor Shree Ram Dahal.

8. Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant: Providing very delicious Nepali dinner.

9. All Executive Committee Members, Boards of Directors, Advisory Boards, Life Long Members, Web Development Team, General Members, friends, volunteers, and participants. If we have missed anyone who helped in this celebration, we thank you wholeheartedly.

Without your support, NSS would not be able to make this event successful. We hope to have your warm support always. We would like to hear your suggestions comments and ideas so we can provide the better service for future events. Thank you!
Feb.15, 2006: Congratulations to Mr. Sachin Pradhan!

Congratulations to Mr. Sachin Pradhan...

Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) is proud to announce Mr. Sachin Pradhan, an active Member of NSS, has been awarded the "CSE Award for Excellence Scholarship" by the University of Washington, Computer Science and Engineering Department. Please join us to congratulate Mr. Pradhan for his outstanding achievement. His e-mail address is: He served Nepal Seattle Society as a Treasurer for the term of 04/2003 to 04/2005.

University of Washington, CSE website:

Congratulations to Jamling Sherpa!

Click here to visit NSS's page Featuring Jamling Sherpa...

Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) is proud to announce Jamling Sherpa, age 6 (son of NSS members Mr.Lopsang and Mrs.Kanchhi Maya Sherpa) was featured in the Mercer Island Reporter Newspaper for his outstanding drawing to promote the Community Center's grand opening at Mercerview, Mercer Island/WA. His drawing was chosen to be transferred to fabric and incorporated into a quilt hanging which will be displayed at the center. Click on the picture above to visit NSS's page Featuring Jamling Sherpa.

July 1, 2005 : Fundraiser for Richa Bajimaya - A Noble Cause

NSS organized a fundraiser to support Ms. Richa Bajimaya (NSS Family Member) who has a serious health condition and is undergoing medical treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital for Bone Cancer - Ewing's Sarcoma. We raised a total of $3,179.00 and handed it over to Ms. Richa Bajimaya on Friday July 1, 2005 at the Children's Hospital.

NSS thanks those who participated at the fundraiser dinner on May 28th at The Everest Kitchen and all contributors for your generous support and love to Richa. Also, a huge thank you to The Everest Kitchen who provided space for the fundraiser dinner. Richa's father Mr. Shyam Bajimaya and mother Mrs. Yasho Bajimaya are with her now. We request all of you to set aside some spare time to see the Bajimayas and give your support to them during their hard time.

Community service like this is a great example of how we can make a difference in someone's life during difficult times.





Nepal Seattle Society, Seattle, WA

$      500.00


The Everest Kitchen - Dinner on 05/282005

$      460.00


B.R. Dawadi Ph.D., Atlanta, GA

$        51.00


Krishna Gurung, Bothell, WA

$      100.00


Dhan B. Pun, Seattle, WA

$      151.00


Deepa & Praveen Chalise, Salem,  OR

$        25.00


Bina Bogati, Shoreline, WA

$        51.00


Mohan & Huni Gurung, Mercer Island, WA

$      151.00


Chhong Karma Sherpa, Mercer Island, WA

$        51.00


Pamela A. Elardo, Seattle, WA

$        25.00


Nabin Khanal, Redmond, WA

$        51.00


Kalpana & Anil Shrestha, Lynwood, WA

$        21.00


Bom Sing Ranabhat, Seattle, WA

$        51.00


Jyotsana Rana, Seattle, WA

$        21.00


Bijit Giri, Renton, WA

$      100.00


Aupma Gurung, Bellevue, WA

$        50.00


Shoba & Hemanta Rana, Seattle, WA

$        25.00


Ngima & Caryl Sherpa, Seattle, WA

$      100.00


Bhushan Khanal, Seattle, WA

$        50.00


Prasoon Khanal, Seattle, WA

$        25.00


Monica Shrestha, Seattle, WA

$        50.00


Anonymous, Seattle, WA

$      100.00


Shah Nawaz, EZRent.Com, Seattle, WA

$        35.00


Prabhat Shrestha, Seattle, WA

$        50.00


Tashi Tenzing Sherpa, Seattle, WA

$        55.00


Beli & Edward Brown, Lynwood, WA

$        51.00


Beli & Edward Brown, Lynwood, WA

$      100.00


Hari Sharma, Yakima, WA

$        20.00


Ernie Howisey, Seattle, WA

$        20.00


Craig Seasoles, Seattle, WA

$        35.00


Sagina Zerin, Seattle, WA

$        20.00


Shanti Thapa, Seattle, WA

$        21.00


Ashok Singh, Seattle, WA

$        20.00


Madan Shrestha, Everett, WA

$        41.00


Sita Gurung, Seattle, WA

$        51.00


Hridesh Subba, Mercer Island, WA

$        50.00


John Lewis, Lake Forest Park, WA

$        10.00


Tashi Sherpa, Bellevue, WA

$      100.00


Timothy Wyont, Blue Mont, VA

$        50.00

39 Samir Man Patti, St. Cloud, MN $        20.00
40 Samir Man Patti, St. Cloud, MN $        20.00
50 AC Sherpa, Seattle, WA $      201.00


Total Fund Collection:

$  3,179.00

May 20, 2005 : Nomination Announcements for Board of Directors and Advisors

The Executive Committee Meeting on May 20, 2005 under the chairmanship of President Ms. Sita Gurung has nominated the following Board of Directors (BOD) and Advisors for NSS for the next two years 2005-2007. We welcome our New Board of Directors and Advisors - We are indebted to your guidance and support always.

Board of Directors:
Mr. Atul Regmi
Ms. Lily Laemmle
Mr. Krishna Gurung
Mr. Nabin Khanal
Ms. Kripa Upadhyaya
Mr. Madhu Dahal
Mr. Tsering Lama
Mr. Bijit Giri
Mr. Chhong Karma Sherpa
Mr. Mohan Gurung
Mr. Anna Hauksdottir
Mr. Shree Ram Dahal
The Executive Committee, 2005-2007
President- Ms. Sita Gurung
Vice President- Mr. Madan Shrestha
General Secretary - Mr. Dhan B. Pun
Treasurer- Ms. Shanti Thapa
Member- Mr. Dewakar Thapa
Member- Ms. Sova Rana
Member- Mr. Hum B. K.
Member- Mr. Jangbu Sherpa
Member- Mr. Sunil Joshi
Member- Mr. Kiran Shrestha
Member- Mr. Som Ghimire

May 14, 2005 : Live Nepali Musical Concert

Nepal Seattle Society hosted a Live Nepali Musical Concert at University Heights Center in Seattle presented by famous Nepali pop singers: Mr. Dhiraj Rai, Mr. Harish Mathema, Mr. Sanjay Shrestha, Mr. Sanjeep Pradhan, Ms. Sarishma Amatya, Mr. Bimal Budathoki, Mr. Praveen Manandhar and Mr. Bhupendra Bajracharya on Saturday, May 14, 2005. It was the first Live Nepali Concert in Seattle and it was an entertaining evening! NSS thanks all singers/musicians for their performances and we look forward to more events like this in the future. Thanks to all of our members and friends for coming together and supporting this concert to make it a grand success. We always value your presence and support. Also, thanks to The Everest Kitchen for catering typical Nepali dinner at the event. Special thanks to Ms. Sita Gurung, Sunil Joshi and Bhushan Khanal for providing accommodations for the artists. All of the artists really appreciated our support.
May 1, 2005 : Participation in API Heritage Month Celebration

Nepal Seattle Society participated in the Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration (A Series of World Cultural Events) at the Seattle Center on May 1, 2005. Our talented dancers Mr. Madan Shrestha, Ms. Bandana Shrestha and Ms. Mingma Kanchhi Sherpa performed traditional Nepali dances at this event. NSS thanks our artists and organizer as well. We will be participating in this celebration every year.

April 29, 2005 : Sponsorship of Traveling Film South Asia

Nepal Seattle Society sponsored the Traveling Film South Asia on April 29, 2005 for two Nepali documentaries "Bhedako Oon Jasto..." and "Itihas Jitneharuko Lagi..." organized by the Tasveer - a Seattle based South Asian film organization at the 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle. Our talented artists performed Nepali Cultural dances and songs during the intermission. NSS thanks Mr. Kiran Shrestha, Mr. Atul Regmi, Mr. Sunil Joshi, Mr. Nitin Thapa, Ms. Shova Rana, Ms. Shanti Thapa, Ms. Parvati T. Brown and Ms. Wendy Mefeae for their wonderful performance.

April 16, 2005 : Nepali New Year BS 2062 Celebration

We celebrated Nepali New Year - Bikram Sambat 2062 on April 16, 2005 at University Heights Center which was attended by approximately 175 members and friends. Every year the Nepalese in and around Seattle, along with friends of Nepal, get together to celebrate the Nepali New Year.
Nepalese Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency, Kedar Bhakta Shrestha and Madam Shrestha presided as our chief guests at the New Year’s celebration. Also, our Guests of honor included Commissioner of the Asian and Pacific Americans Affairs for the State of Washington, Mr. Habib M. Habib, General Secretary of the Planetguru Foundation for South Asian Community, Mr. Debadutta Dash, Editor in Chief ColorsNW Magazine, Ms. Naomi Ishisaka, and Attorney Mr. Chris Jarvis. NSS thanks all of our Chief Guests and Guests of Honor for spending quality time with us and for giving their support to Nepal Seattle Society.
The celebration started with a welcome speech by outgoing President Mr. Ravi Rana which was followed by thank you speech by the Chief Guest His Excellency, Kedar Bhakta Shrestha and Guest of honor Commissioner of the Asian and Pacific Americans Affairs for the State of Washington Mr. Habib M. Habib. His Excellency and Commissioner both thanked Nepal Seattle Society and its members for the great work in promoting Nepal and Nepali culture here in the State of Washington.
During the celebration, our talented dancers, singers and musicians presented various Nepali cultural dances and folk songs. Ms. Kripa Upadhyay and Mr. Sachin Pradhan graced the evening as masters of ceremony.
Outgoing President Mr. Rana handed over the check of $916.00 to the General Secretary of Planetguru Foundation for South Asian Community Mr. Debadutta Dash for the Tsunami Relief Fund. NSS organized a fundraiser dinner on March 5, 2005 at the Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant for the Tsunami Victims in South Asia.
At the end of the celebration, outgoing President Mr. Rana introduced the New Executive Committee for the next two years of 2005-2007 and relinquished all the responsibility to the new President Ms. Sita Gurung. Ms. Gurung introduced and welcomed all of the New Executive Committee members.
NSS thanks all of our members, friends, emcees, dancers, singers, musicians and volunteers for their great support and excellent performances. Also, thanks to the Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant for catering delicious Nepali food that everyone enjoyed.

March 26, 2005 : Immigration Forum

One of our active members Ms. Kripa Upadhyay and Attorney Mr. Chris Jarvis organized an "Immigration Forum" for our members and friends on March 26, 2005 at The Everest Kitchen. The forum was organized in collaboration with Seattle University School of Law, Access to Justice Institute (AtJI), a program within the law school that works with low income members of various communities providing help and services for a variety of issues including immigration help for battered women, landlord-tenant issues, Will / Estate planning and small business concerns.
Chris Jarvis is an attorney in private practice. He has a Bachelor's degree from Stanford University and a law degree from Yale University School of Law. He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Chris traveled to Nepal in 1990 shortly before moving to Seattle and regrets not having time to return.
The Immigration forum discussed the following issues:
Sponsorship Process.
Affidavit of Support - What it means and what are the consequences of filing an affidavit of support for another person.
Special visa's for survivors of violence.
"Public Charge" -What it means and how it can potentially impact your application for Citizenship.
Naturalization (Citizenship) Application - How to Apply for Citizenship, Citizenship Exam and Waiting Time.
NSS thanks Ms. Kripa and Attorney Mr. Chris for their informative presentation for our members and friends. Educational forums like this benefit our society greatly by opening our eyes to opportunities/literature that might have gone unnoticed. We will continue to organize these kinds of forums in the future as well. Also, thanks to all members and friends who attended this forum. See Photos of this event

March 21, 2005 : NSS Election Committee, 2005 - Announcement of New Committee

Dear NSS Members,

The Election Committee is happy to announce that we have fulfilled our goal without having to hold a general election this year. We, hereby present the final list of the new “Executive Committee” of Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) for the year 2005-2007.

President: Ms. Sita Gurung
Vice President: Mr. Madan Shrestha
General Secretary: Mr. Dhan B. Pun
Treasurer: Ms. Shanti Thapa
Executive Member: Mr. Diwakar Thapa
Executive Member: Mr. Hum B. K.
Executive Member: Mr. Kiran Shrestha
Executive Member: Ms. Shoba Rana
Executive Member: Mr. Sunil Joshi
Executive Member: Mr. Som Ghimire

The new Executive Committee will be in effect from April 16, 2005. The new Executive Committee shall elect/nominate the Board of Directors and advisors for the year 2005-2007 as per the bylaws of NSS.

Should anyone have any questions or concerns regarding the new executive committee, please forward them to the Election Committee at within 48 hours of this notice. The Election committee will be dissolved effective March 24, 2005.

Thank you all for your cooperation and three cheers to the newly elected Executive Committee!!!

NSS Election Committee, 2005
Anna Hauksdottir
Jangbu Sherpa
Lily Tamang Laemmle

March 13, 2005 : Participation in the Great Show of Unity Fundraiser

We participated in the "Great Show of Unity Fundraiser Dinner In aid of the recent Tsunami Victims in South Asia" hosted by Planetguru Foundation for South Asian Community (PFSAC) on Sunday March 13th, 2005 at the Double Tree Hotel in Bellevue. Congressman Jim McDermott, Congressman Adam Smith, Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon were the guest speakers for this great event of the South Asian Community.
It was an evening of reception, prayer, dinner, classical music/folk songs from Nepal, slide show on Tsunami, speeches by prominent leaders, and auctions. They received participation from India Association of Western Washington, Nepal Seattle Society, Representatives from Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Community including talented artists: Vasu Sundarraj, Indu Sundaresan, Dr. Sumapthy Pathy and Janet Rayor.
Our talented dancers/singers: Ms. Sita Gurung, Ms. Shanti Thapa, Ms. Parvati Brown, Ms. Sarah Brown, Mr. Atul Regmi, Mr. Sunil Joshi, Mr. Kiran Shrestha, Mr. Krishna Gurung and Tak Gurung presented Nepali cultural dances and folk songs. NSS thanks all of our artists for their wonderful performance at this event.
During this evening, we not only had a chance to donate for humanitarian reasons, we were also able to showcase NSS and its activities. On behalf of NSS, General Secretary Mr. Dhan B. Pun staged and explained to the audience about Nepal Seattle Society, its goals and activities.
Our special thanks goes to the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific Affairs Mr. Habib M. Habib, Planetguru General Secretary Mr. Debadutta Dash and all other members of Planetguru Foundation for organizing this great evening and inviting Nepal Seattle Society to participate in this great humanitarian act. Also, we thank our members and friends who attended this fundraiser.

See Photos of this event

March 5, 2005 : Fundraiser for Tsunami Victims - Evening of Giving

We organized a Fundraiser Dinner on March 5, 2005 at the Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant to raise funds for Tsunami Victims in South Asia. A huge thank you to all of our members, friends, volunteers and guests for your kindness and generosity. We heartily appreciate your contribution in support of the Fundraiser.
We believe that our society depends on our members/friends like you to be able to provide support to those in need and make a true difference. Although the money raised is just a small amount, it is more important that we a tiny organization come together and take part in a large humanitarian act that the whole world is involved in.
Many special thanks to our talented singers Mr. Sunil Joshi and Mr. Atul Regmi for their wonderful performance. Also, we heartily thank the world famous Mr. Lakpa Rita Sherpa for sharing his time with us at this event. And, our special thanks goes to Mr. Mani Chhetri-of Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant for his great contribution and to the friendly staff of the restaurant.
We raised a total of $916.00 as detailed below. We assure you that all the funds raised will be given to an organization directly working to the needs of the Tsunami Victims. If you have any queries regarding your contributions to the "Fundraiser for Tsunami Victims", please email us.
1. Proceeds from the restaurant : $630.00 (50% of the food sales)
2. Donation from Dhan B. Pun : $151.00
3. Donation from Harold Pelton : $ 20.00
4. Donation from Arthur Williams: $ 30.00
5. Donation from Veda Jung Thapa: $ 40.00
6. Donation from Anna Hauksdotir: $ 30.00
7. Donation from Shoba Rana : $ 15.00
Total Fund Raised: $916.00

See Photos of this event

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