June 2, 2007: Team Nepal Fundraiser
Team Nepal's Fundraiser...
For Tickets and More Info. Please Contact: Mr. Bishal Gurung at 206-795-7995
  November 26, 2006 - NSS Members Participate in Seattle Marathon 2006

NSS Proudly Sponsors Mr. Nil B. Tilija and Ms. Shanti Thapa's Participation in the Seattle Marathon 2006 - A World Class Event!

Mr. Tilija is a Family Member and former Board of Director. Ms. Thapa is Executive Director and Treasurer of NSS. They are participating in the Seattle Marathon 2006 on November 26, 2006. The marathon is 26.2 miles (48.5 kilometers) long.

Let's all cheer and wish them the Best of Luck for a successful participation in this marathon.
NSS Member Mr. Nil B. Tilija Participates in the Seattle Marathon 2006... NSS Treasurer/Executive Director Ms. Shanti Thapa Participates in the Seattle Marathon 2006...
Good Luck Mr. Tilija and Ms. Thapa!

 July 14-15-16, 2006: All Nations Cup 2006 Soccer Tournament
All Nations Cup Champions...
Dear Members and Friends:

Team Nepal is participating again in All Nations Cup 2006 Soccer Tournament. This is a great representation of our country Nepal in this international community organized tournament. Nepal Seattle Society (NSS) proudly sponsors Team Nepal for this year's tournament. NSS has worked very hard to support Team Nepal. NSS organized a fundraiser dinner on July 9th 2006 at The Everest Kitchen for Team Nepal and raised approx. $856. This fund will be given for the betterment of the Team Nepal for the tournament including team registration etc.
Mr. Bishal Gurung is leading the Team Nepal as Team Captain. The opening ceremony will be on Friday July 14th 2006 at 7pm. Ms. Smriti Gurung will present Team Nepal to the All Nations Cup 2006 on this opening ceremony on behalf of Team Nepal. Ms. Smriti Gurung will be in traditional Nepali costume and Ms. Shoba Rana, Team Captain Bishal Gurung will be with Nepal Flag at the opening ceremony to  represent Nepal.
According to the tournament schedule, Nepal will be playing 3 games in the qualifying games. On July 15th at 1pm Nepal Vs Vietnam and at 8pm Nepal Vs Afghanistan. On July 16th at 11:30am Nepal Vs Tibet.
What is All Nations Cup?
All Nations Cup was inaugurated in August of 2003 with 12 countries being represented by their local communities. This year, from July 14-29 All Nations Cup 2006 will be held for the fourth year at the Starfire Sports Complex in Seattle/Washington. All Nations Cup is a project of Sister Communities, Seattle based non-profit organization. All Nations Cup is also known as World Cup Seattle in the local international community here in Seattle/Washington. The Qualifiers Festival Weekend will be July 14th to 16th which will feature international music, dance food and a kid's crafts tent! And the new all Nations Cup Market Place will be the place for communities to gather, new friends made, and culture shared. Opening night is free for everyone and award-winning Brazilian composer Jovino Santos Neto bring his band to the Closing Celebration on July 29th.
This year the following 37 countries are being represented by their local communities:
Asia Region:
Nepal, China, Iran, Korea, Tibet, Japan, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Turkey.
African Region:
Ethiopia, Gambia, Somalia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Sudan, Morocco and Cameroon.
European Region:
Bosnia, Ireland, Denmark, France, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Italy, Great Britain and Russia.
American Region:
Brazil, El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Honduras, Mexico and USA.
Please visit: for detailed schedule information.
We also take this opportunity to thank each one of our members and friends who attended the Fundraiser dinner and also donated for Team Nepal on July 9th. Also, many thanks to The Everest Kitchen including all the staffs who provided the facility for the fundraiser dinner. And, Nepal Seattle Society requests all of our members/friends to come and be a part of All Nations Cup, and cheer for our Team Nepal. Your valuable support is greatly appreciated.
1. Bishal Gurung, (Team Captain/Midfielder)
2. Ambir Raj Gurung (Goal Keeper)
3. Esor Gurung (Defender)
4. Milan Gurung (Midfielder/Forward)
5. Biraj Kumar Thapa (Forward)
6. Som Kumar Limbu (Midfielder/forward)
7. Prasan Gurung (midfielder)
8. Kiran Gurung (Defender)
9. Prabat Limbu (midfielder/forward/defender)
10. Pan Tamang (Defender)
11. Bhushan Khanal (Midfielder)
12. Kabir Pradhan (Forward )
13. Sameer Bhatteria( Midfielder )
14. Austin Fletcher (Defender )
15. Jeremy Hall (Midfielder )
16. Kobil Shokirov (Midfielder )
17. Chet Khadka (Defender )
18. Prachin Shrestha (Midfielder)
Thank you all and see you at the Tournament on July 14th, 15th and 16th.
Team Nepal For All Nations Cup 2006...
Team Nepal with Other International Team...
Jan. 28, 2006, Saturday - 1st NSS Open Table Tennis Championship Tournament

Click for detailed information...
NSS is hosting the first ever "NSS Open Table Tennis Championship Tournament" in the Seattle area. All Table Tennis players and fans please join us on this exciting day and watch our local talents battle for the championship crown! The finalists will be awarded excellent prizes. Please spread the news to your family and friends for this event! Detailed information available at our website:

All Nations Cup 2005 - Soccer Tournament:

Please join our Soccer team every Saturday at Ingraham High School (1819 North 135th St. Seattle, WA 98133) for SOCCER practice. We are in process of building a stronger soccer team to represent Nepal in "All Nations Cup 2005". All Nations Cup is a very competitive soccer tournament where local international soccer team in Seattle come together to represent their country. This year All Nations Cup will be held on July 15-31. Last year was the first year that Team Nepal participated in All Nations Cup and even though we did not make it to qualifying round we made some good impact on other teams. So, people who are interested in helping us represent Nepal or just trying to get back into shape come join us every Saturday at Ingraham High School around 2pm for a little scrimmage. If you have any questions feel free to contact NSS or:
Mr. Bishal Gurung, Cell# 206-795-7995 or E-mail:

To view the picture gallery from World cup Seattle click here.

If you have any specific sports activities you would like to add, please E-mail us and we will be more than happy to help you organize them.
Team Nepal For All Nations Cup...

Saturdays | Soccer Practice at Ingraham Hign School

Please join our Seattle Nepalese Sports team every Saturday at Ingraham High School (1819 North 135th St. Seattle, WA 98133) for SCOCCER practice. We are in process of building a strong team to represent Seattle in different sport events. So, people who are interested on playing basketball or soccer and who are interested in helping us build a strong Nepalese sports team to represent Seattle, please come and join us every Saturday at Ingraham High School around 2 P.M. for a little friendly game.
Bishal Gurung, Tel. 206-795-7995, E-mail:
Team Nepal Fans...

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